NIBSS has a mission to provide efficient technology-driven payment and settlement services for the financial system, relying on highly skilled and motivated workforce.

Our  services enable the smooth, efficient processing and settlement of millions of interbank transactions daily, across the digital, retail and bulk-clearing spaces, and across regions..

This core interoperability offering is supplemented by vital business enhancement services, such as enterprise content management and managed network services.

Our Solutions For You

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With the increasing incidents of compromise on conventional security systems (password and PIN), there is a high demand for greater security.

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Central Pay (Collections)

CentralPay is a payment gateway solution that enables online payments through the web pages of e-commerce and online merchant enterprises.

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Direct Debit (Collections)

ADD is a financial instrument that facilitates “regular in nature” automated payments. It permits the collection of amounts due.


Integration and Certification

Several download links that are necessary for connecting to NIBSS networks and communicating with our API services.


POS Terminal Management (Payment Service)

This is an aggregation and interconnection of all POS device terminals deployed by Banks and other licensed card schemes in Nigeria.

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Innovation (Industry Capacity Building)

We need your idea to help us better our products/services, improve on our processes and discover new markets.

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Central Mandate Management System (CMMS)

A data repository for financial and non-financial mandate instructions as well as other affiliated services issued by a subscriber to a biller, service provider or an institution.

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Industry Capacity Building (Training)

We run open courses for interested participants at regular intervals and also organize corporate programs for specific organizations on request.


Identity Management (Portals/Data Services)

A service designed to facilitate the seamless verification of the Aliveness and Presence of individuals.

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NIBSS Instant Payment (Payment Services)

An efficient person to person; the person to business; business to business funds transfer service that guarantees instant value to beneficiaries.


EPCCOS (Payment Services)

A user-friendly self-service electronic pension collection platform that facilitates the easy upload and transfer of pension remittance schedules to the PFCs and PFAs.


NIBSS Pay (Payment Services)

A front-end application that processes bulk payments for remittances, salaries and other multi-beneficiary payment purposes.

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Name Enquiry (Portals/Data Services)

It allows a payer to confirm the accuracy of the Bank customer’s account details on a payment or non-payment platform before conducting a financial or non-financial transaction.


mCASH (Payment Services)

An innovative payment solution designed to facilitate retail payments to Merchants. The solution is available for Bills, Web and POS payments. Works even without the internet.

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BVN Verification (Identity Management)

A unique identification number that can be verified across all financial institutions in Nigeria


E-Bills Pay (Collections)

An electronic bill payment platform that facilitates the payment of Bills, Fees, Subscriptions, etc. by the banking public through electronic payment channels provided and managed by Banks.

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