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In partnership with the Nigerian Insurers Association (NIA), we are glad to inform you that the USSD Code *565*11# was launched on January 10th 2019. This service forms part of our *565* series and it provides a USSD Service for Validation of Vehicle Insurance Policies.

What is NIID Code?

  • NIID stands for Nigerian Insurance Industry Database.
  • It is a platform to verify the genuineness of your insurance policies
  • It is used to access instant information about your Vehicle Insurance on NIID

ANYONE can now validate a Vehicle Registration Number by dialing this simple USSD code –*565*11. Kindly follow the simple steps below to confirm if your vehicle insurance is genuine:

Step 1: Dial *565*11#

Step 2:Enter Vehicle Registration Number (NB: Ensure to enter the Registration Number as they appear e.g. XC561FFA)

Step 3: That is ALL! You will receive a flash message displaying the status of the Registration Number.

  1. “If your policy is not found after using the USSD Code – kindly contact your Insurance Company or Call NIA on 0817-078-4444
  2. “If you receive a message “Policy Expired” after using the USSD Code – kindly contact your Insurance Company for renewal of your policy or call NIA on 0817-078-4444
  3. For complaints if any? Call or send text message to NIA on 0817-078-4444 or 0907-355-0592 OR Email [email protected] & [email protected]

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