How it works

There are three types of Name Enquiry services;

  • Name Enquiry Vanilla – This service is for single validations but can validate up to 10 accounts at a time.
  • Bulk Name Enquiry – This service takes up to 500,000 records or a file size up to 10mb and returns the First Middle and Last name of the valid account number(s) to the user.
  • Name Enquiry with Picture – This service provides the picture in addition to the name attached to the inputted account number. This is strictly for individual accounts that are active.

Unique Value Proposition

Name Enquiry ensures the sender verifies the designated account names before initiating a credit and this guarantees that funds are received by the intended beneficiaries.

    Touch Points

    • API Integration
    • Web Portal – NIBSSPAY

    Who Can Use This

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      DMBs & OFIs

    • 2

      PSSPs & MMOs

    • 3

      Fintechs & Social Service Companies


    Onboarding Requirements & Steps

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