BVN is a unique identification number that can be verified across all financial institutions in Nigeria. A customer’s BVN is mapped to the individual’s biological traits namely:

  • Fingerprint

  • Signature

  • Facial photograph captured at the point of enrollment

How it works

BVN offers the verification and validation of the customers’ identity seamlessly across multiple and interoperable electronic platforms. The BVN database is searched to display relevant information about an individual, this is called the bio-data (it includes names, phone numbers, addresses, dates of birth).

    Unique Value Proposition

    The BVN database is the most reliable and comprehensive data source in the Nigeria Financial Industry warehousing over 38 million unique BVNs, which are intrinsic to each and every individual whose profile has been captured.

      Touch Points

      • Web validation portal
      • API Integration (Account link, Placeholder, Boolean Match, Other Parties, & Search services)
      • Verification services (I’m Alive & Fingerprint matching)

      Who Can Use This

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      • MMOs


      Onboarding Requirements & Steps

      ProcessesGet Started

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